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Our approach to your health

Here at Between Us Breaks, looking after the health and safety of our guests has always been paramount, and we’re not too modest to say that we have a great track record. All of our properties are cleaned to a high standard, however, right now any ‘normal’ cleaning procedures will simply not be enough to control the spread of Coronavirus. So, we have created a dedicated team to review our usual procedures and create guidelines and provide tools for our homeowners and housekeepers to help reduce the risks at properties wherever possible to give your peace of mind when you take your well-earned holiday.


What it means in practice

We have issued all of our homeowners and housekeepers with an enhanced set of cleaning guidance. This includes the following, and much more:

  • Allowing additional time for the cleaning to take place. This does mean that we need to ask our guests to check in later than usual and check out earlier, but we hope you understand that it is for the safety of you, and our housekeepers.
  • Providing housekeepers with the appropriate PPE for cleaning the property. We have also advised on the correct and safe protocol for ‘donning’ and ‘doffing’ their equipment.
  • Taking high-risk/high-touch items out of properties. This includes items such as board games and DVDs.
  • Deploying extra hygiene measures, such as cleaning and disinfecting high contact areas of a property, such a door handles.
  • Use of “fogging” sanitising machines for that extra level of protection


Your role in staying safe

Before your holiday, we’ll send you some helpful information about how you can help lower the transmission of Covid-19 whilst on your break. There’s nothing too disruptive in there, just simple measures like washing your hands each time you enter or leave the property and bagging up your bed linen before you leave.


Minimising risk

Even with all the measures that are being taken, we cannot 100% guarantee that your property will be Covid-free. We can assure you that the risk of contagion in any one of our properties is very low – much lower, for example, than visiting a shop or supermarket.

Watching and learning

As we’re sure you’ll be aware, new research is being conducted all of the time, and this can often prompt a change in Government guidance. We will, of course, keep up to date with the latest information and adapt our approach appropriately. In addition, we will listen to first-hand feedback from our guests and housekeepers and do whatever we can to safely meet their needs.

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